Session: Conflict management in companies: how to create a sustainable and robust collaborative culture and manage conflicts in an early stage.

Profile: Susann Bongers is a work place and B2B mediator and business coach in Lucerne, Switzerland. She is working for corporates, NGO, foundations, start ups, governmental organizations, SME and also in the finance sector.

She has been a teacher and headmistress of a Swiss high school. Learning and teaching is a passion which she applies as a program responsible for mediator’s and conciliator’s training at the University of applied science in
Lucerne. Her interest in politics and understanding of international relations was deepend in the executive master of international negotiation & policy making (2021) at the renowned Geneva Graduate Institute. She has been teaching coaching and mentoring and facilitated career starter weeks in Cape Town (TSIBA) and Windhoek (NUST) as an expert send by b360 educational partnership (a swiss foundation). Since a short time, she is member of the advisory board of the ICMC.

Her session will present a concrete example of a successful and fast growing food company. She will talk about feedback, personalities, recruitment and coaching. And what can happen when it goes wrong.