Session: AI to guide parties towards dispute resolution online

Profile: Linda’s passion in appropriate dispute resolution was ignited in 2004 at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. She is a Principal Mediator and Trainer with the Singapore Mediation Centre where she focuses on shareholder, intellectual property, contract, employment and healthcare disputes. She is an Associate Mediator and Trainer with the Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre where she focuses on family and interpersonal
disputes. Linda is also appointed to the Hong Kong Mainland China Joint Mediation Centre’s International Panel.

In her capacity as a private mediator, arbitrator and conflict coach, Linda is often engaged for high stakes relational disputes (i.e. start-up founders, trustees and family businesses disputes). Linda recognises that when disagreements escalate to disputes, it has more to do
with a breakdown in trust and communication. She is able to break down issues, while navigating cultural and interpersonal dynamics.
Linda volunteers extensively in the dispute resolution industry. She has received volunteer awards from the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Singapore State Courts, and co-founded the Society of Mediation Professionals (Singapore) in 2013 where she serves in the Executive Committee. She is appointed to the Patron Dispute Committee for the Gambling Regulatory Authority (Singapore).

In recent years, Linda has taken on an interest in how technology and artificial intelligence can guide disputant behaviour. With this in mind, she co-founded a start-up ResoX (Resolution Exchange) in 2022 to develop an end-to-end online dispute resolution platform servicing disputants.