Zippy is a Management Consultant in Organizational Development and has extensive experience in the insurance and security sectors. As an executive leader, she has excelled in Policy Direction, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Marketing and Distribution, Risk and Compliance, Capacity Building, Training and Leading Organizational Transformation through Change Management Strategies.

She is an Institutional Mentor with Mediation Training Institute (MTI-EA), Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF), The Presidential Digital Talent, G4G Network and the Seasoned Woman’s Centre. She is also a Strategic Advisor with Antara Health Inc. Girl Child Network and a Board Member of Friends of City Park (FoCP) Equally.

Zippy has been a Certified Professional Mediator since 2018 and an Advanced Chartered Mediator since 2020. She sits on the Board of ICMC-EA where she is ultimately responsible for marketing and promotions. She is also a Certified LLC Coach (2016), Mediation Trainer of Trainers (TOT), and has been appointed to offer mediation services to Kenya’s Judiciary and at the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Kenya).
She is an Alumni of the African Center for Strategic Studies.