Explore our impressive speaker lineup at the Inter-Continental Mediation Summit 2023

Explore our impressive speaker lineup at the Inter-Continental Mediation Summit 2023

Are you passionate about peace, conflict resolution, and fostering understanding across borders? Then mark your calendars for the upcoming Inter-Continental Mediation Summit on October 18th and 19th, 2023! 

This two-day summit will bring together leading experts and practitioners in the field of conflict resolution from around the world. Check out our website for a sneak peek at our impressive list of presenters and speakers: Summit Website

This summit is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a global conversation on peace and conflict resolution. 

Save the date, and stay tuned for more updates!

Inter-Continental Mediation Summit 2023

Inter-Continental Mediation Summit 2023

Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) East Africa Region is pleased to announce the 1st Edition of The Inter-Continental Mediation Summit 2023, that will take place 18th and 19th October, 2023.

The Summit leverages on the success of two Regional Mediation Conferences held in 2021 and 2022. With the pivot to a Summit, the larger event will bring together the greatest minds, industry players, leaders and experts in Mediation, from the entire globe, under one roof for a Hybrid (virtual and face-to-face) event providing two day of unparalleled knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

For more information, visit the Summit website

Mediators call for the development of a quality standard to guide the practice

Mediators call for the development of a quality standard to guide the practice

Chairman of the Kisumu Court Annexed Mediators Mr Francis Asunah receives the Centre’s excellence award from Lady Justice Jacqueline Kamau during the 2nd ICMC East Africa Regional Mediation Conference. Looking on is ICMC Patron Mr. James Mangerere (2nd left) and Mr. Keriako Tobiko (right).

Mediators have called for the development of a quality standard to guide the alternative dispute resolution practice in the region.

Speaking during the 2nd ICMC East Africa Regional Mediation Conference held on 9th December 2022, keynote speaker Mr. Keriako Tobiko noted that the provision of quality mediation services will greatly improve the acceptance of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method.

“We must focus on developing a quality standard and ensuring high-quality service to the public. The quality of mediators is very important to the successful development of mediation; the greater the success of conflict resolution the greater the acceptance of mediation,” he said.

His words were echoed by Chief Guest Lady Justice Jacqueline Kamau who stated that the success of the Kisumu Mediation Centre has led to a greater acceptance of mediation in the Kisumu area where she is the Presiding Judge of the Kisumu Law Courts.

“Kisumu Mediation Centre has a success rate of over 50% and its work has greatly contributed to acceptance of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method,” she said adding that the ratio of judicial officers to the population means that it will take them (judges and magistrates) years to clear their dockets.

“In Kenya, we have 82 judges and 600 judicial officers. 700 of us are expected to serve a population of 50 million Kenyans. We have realized that we cannot finish this work. Judges and mediator must look at each other as partners and complement each other,” she said.

In addition to the development of a quality standard, mediators at the conference also called for the practice to be entrenched in the law and included as a compulsory part of the legal training curriculum in the region.

Ms. Caroline Kendagor poses with her award shortly after been recognized as the Most Committed Mediation Registrar in Kenya. With her is ICMC Patron and President of MTI East Africa Mr. James Mangerere.

The blended conference ended in an award gala that feted individuals who have contributed significantly to mediation in the region. Those awarded include Ms. Caroline Kendagor who was recognised as the most committed mediation registrar, Justice Reuben Nyakundi who was awarded for being a judiciary mediation promoter, and Prof. Dwight Gollan for his mediation work in support of Africa.

ICMC founding members Mr. James Mangerere, Hon. Kennedy Marende, and Mr. Charles Marube Getanda were also awarded for their foresight and contribution to the industry, while fellow ICMC Board Member Ms. Beryl Anyango Ouma was recognised as the most committed Board Member.

Kisumu Mediation Centre was lauded as the Most Progressive Mediation Centre in Kenya and it was the only institution to be awarded in the ceremony.

16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism

East Africa has had a spike in Gender-Based Violence since the breakout of Covid-19 and its resulting economic impact and culture change. Climate change has only exacerbated the situation as most East African Economies are heavily reliant on the climate.

At ICMC, we work to minimize conflict by providing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution. We provide faster and softer conflict resolution, to solve the root problems before situations escalate to physical and other forms of violence.

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